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  • DR200 ST
  • GDR 200 ST EVO3
  • GCT-5114-ST-EVO-3
  • Wireless-Control-Set-WCS01
  • EX-PROTEC N0.8
  • LSC Linear Cutter
  • Spider-Tool_EN

Explosive Systems

Big Basin 

A hand-made box, folded away it’s weight is only 4kg.
Thus, BIG BASIN can be stored away and moved easily. In case the tactical situation requires it, the box can be assembled in less than a minute and put in position quickly.
BIG BASIN has a diameter of 107cm and can be filled with 1000 l of water. After the box has been filled with water, the explosives can be placed into the box.
Details on the explosives and the and the a more detailed description can be found in the restricted area.

Flex Charge 

Select required length. Please remember to do all following activities in horizontal position.
Position the calculated charge in one of the four level (s.a.) and fill the FLEX CHARGE according to the manual printed on box. Close the tube ends with the well-proven folder technique and the cable straps. Don’t cut the cable straps. Close the top flap (Velcro) and roll it in for immediate use. Also secure the safety flap (Velcro) and secure the flap with additional tape.
Do not fold FLEX CHARGE this step.
Mount the charge and put yourself in a safe place.
FLEX CHARGE is now ready to get fired.

In case you need to fold FLEX CHARGE for transportation, the top flap must be open.

Gryphon Large Breaching Frame 

Gryphon Explosive Entry Frames are specially engineered containers designed to facilitate structure breaching for hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and special forces operations, through a wide range of target materials and structural types. Gryphon Entry Frames may be used against targets such as: cinder block, brick and concrete walls, as well as solid core wood doors, metal clad fire doors and security doors.
It produces an entry hole approximately the same dimensions as the frame.

Long Ready 

Please connect the detonation-cord with the assembly support. The color of the support wire characterizes the aggressiveness of the explosion: with the blue wire 1/3 of the water is used in front of the explosive, the red wire characterizes a setup where all of the water is behind the explosive making the charge more aggressive.